Leading global company
in the field of Ion Exchange Resins

Samyang Fine Technology is a joint venture established/invested in by Samyang Corporation and Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation of Japan which are leading global ion exchange resin manufacturing technology development. We have completed Asia's largest plant construction specializing in uniform particle sized resin and are providing customer satisfaction with innovative technology and strict quality. control.


Next-generation Ion Exchange Resins
boasting the top uniformity

Ion exchange resin is a synthetic resin particle with a functional group and has the ability to exchange and separate ions in a solution, so it is used to remove impurities and separate useful substances. The ion exchange resin produced by Samyang Fine Technology boasts the highest level of uniformity.

CEO’s Greetings

Obligation as being only company
in Korea
specializing in Ion Exchange Resins
for the next-generation

The history of Samyang, the first to produce resins since 1976 in Korea, Samyang Fine Technology continues to produce uniform particle sized resins exclusively from Asia's largest specialized-resin plant.

Samyang Fine Technology was established in 2014 and specializes in the manufacture of next-generation ion exchange resins. We have achieved domestication of next-generation ion exchange resins by integrating the ion exchange resins-based technology accumulated by Samyang over 40 years with Uniform Polymer manufacturing technology. This technology is regarded as advanced technology within this industry. With the recent developments in various industries, customer needs are becoming more diverse. It is necessary to actively respond to fields such as recently growing areas, LCDs, semiconductors, nuclear power plant water treatment, separation and refining of useful materials (pharmaceuticals, food), treatment of heavy metals in wastewater, etc. The next-generation ion exchange resin to be produced by Samyang Fine Technology is an optimized material for these fields, and it is expected to contribute to enhancing national competitiveness through import substitution and export expansion. Samyang Fine Technology is the only domestic company specializing in next-generation ion exchange resins, and we promise to fulfill our role as a partner to customers as well as to conduct environmental safety management and be faithful to the mission of a social corporation with CSR activities through responsible quality management and innovative research and development. Thank you.

Hyouk Lee

Samyang Fine Technology, CEO


Introducing the history
that Samyang Fine Technology
has walked.

Business Site Information Samyang Fine Technology Co., Ltd.

63, 1gil Free Trade Road, Gunsan-si, Joenbuk



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Posted on March 28, 2023

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