Terms of Service



Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of these Terms is to define the basic items regarding the conditions and procedures of using all services (hereinafter "service") provided by Samyang Fine Technology (hereinafter “Company”) on its website (www.samyangfinetechnology.com). The user refers to the person who receives the service provided on the website in accordance with these Terms.

Article 2 (Effectiveness and Revision of Terms)

    1. These Terms become effective once they are notified to the user through the service or methods such as email.
    2. The Company may change the contents of these Terms, which become effective through the same method defined in Article 2.1 herein.

Article 3 (Other Regulations)

Items that are not mentioned in these Terms may follow the Framework Act on Telecommunications, Telecommunications Business Act and other relevant laws and regulations.


Obligations of Parties

Article 4 (Obligations of Company)

    1. The Company has the obligation to provide continuous and stable service in accordance with the provisions of these Terms.
    2. The Company shall not disclose or distribute the personal information of the user to another party without the consent of the user, and shall not use the personal information for commercial purposes other than the service-related activities. However, the following cases are an exception.
      1. It is required by a national institute in accordance with the relevant laws, such as the Framework Act on Telecommunications and Telecommunications Business Act.
      2. It is required to record statistics or conduct market research, and the personal information is provided in a format that does not allow the identification of specific individuals.
      3. The user information is partially shared with business partners and affiliated partners that the Company is collaborating with or supporting to provide better service.
    3. The Company may provide various information that is deemed as necessary for the user to use the service through text message, email or mail after the user completes a certain service application process.

Article 5 (Obligations of User)

    1. The user is responsible for the results of management and misuse of the user information that they provide when applying for the use of service.
    2. If user's personal information is misused or if other security violation has been committed, the user must notify the Company.
    3. The user shall comply with the relevant laws, the provisions of these Terms, and the service use guideline and precautions.
    4. The user may not carry out any profit-making activities using the service without prior consent by the Company.

Service Provision and Use

Article 6 (Scope of Service)

These Terms apply to all services provided the company in general. Auxiliary terms may be added for services that require additional articles.

Article 7 (Provision of Information)

The Company may provide various information that is considered necessary for the user to use the service through methods such as email or mail after the user completes a certain service application process. If the user does not wish to receive information, they may call the Company and refuse to receive the information.

Article 8 (Transactions with Advertisers)

The Company is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the user's participation in the promotion activities of the advertiser on this website or promotion activities carried out through this service.

Article 9 (Contents Posted by User)

The Company does not hold any civil or criminal liability for the contents that are posted, published or sent by email or other media by the user. Contents may be deleted without prior notice in the following cases.

    1. Contents slander other users or other people, infringe on the privacy others, or damage the reputation of others by making false statements.
    2. Contents will or may hinder the stable operation of the service.
    3. Contents are deemed as being related to criminal activity.
    4. Contents infringe on the intellectual property of the Company or other people or violate other rights.
    5. Contents are deemed as violating relevant laws.

Article 10 (Rights and Responsibility Regarding Contents of Website)

    1. The copyright of all contents (including images) on this website belongs to the Company, unless there is a separate expression of intention specified between the parties in advance.
    2. The contents of the website shall be protected by the Company. A third party using or referring to the content on another website without the permission of the Company is prohibited and any violation may be subject to legal action.

Article 11 (Service Time)

Unless there is a business process or technical error, or any other special reason, the Company provides the service 24 hours a day all year long. However, if the service becomes unavailable due to activities needed by the Company, such as regular inspection, system error, dramatic increase in use of service, suspension of telecommunication services by the key telecommunications operator in accordance with the Telecommunications Business Act, or force majeure, such as natural disaster, the Company may limit the use of the service entirely or partially.

Article 12 (Responsibility of Service Use)

The user may not carry out business activities to sell illegal products using the service, and especially may not engage in hacking, advertisement to gain profit, commercial activities on pornographic websites, illegal distribution of commercial software, etc. The Company will not be responsible for the results and damages caused by the business activities carried out in violation of these Terms, or for legal actions, such as imprisonment, taken by the relevant authorities.



Article 13 (Compensation for Damages)

The company will not be responsible for any loss incurred to the user related to the use of service.

Article 14 (Exemption Clause)

    1. If the Company cannot provide the service due to natural disaster or other types of force majeure of an equal severity, the Company shall be exempted from the responsibility of providing the service.
    2. The Company shall not be liable for damages incurred to the ser due to the information from each web page or Q&A with a certain expert.
    3. The Company shall be exempted from being held liable for the user not gaining the benefits they expected from the service provided by the Company, or the damages incurred by the user's selection or use of the service data.
    4. The Company shall not be responsible for the credibility or accuracy of the information, data, facts and other contents uploaded on the service by the user.

Article 15 (Court of Competent Jurisdiction)

If a lawsuit is filed regarding the use of service, the court that has the jurisdiction over the area in which the Company is located shall be the court of competent jurisdiction.

[Supplementary Provision] These Terms shall be effective from March 28, 2023.

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We refuse unauthorized email collection


We refuse the unauthorized collection of the email addresses on this website using email collection programs or other technical devices. Please note that any violation will be subject to criminal penalties in accordance with the Act on Information and Communications Network.

Posted on March 28, 2023

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